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Amplify (2022)

In this project, participants will work alongside Holly Mathieson and professional musicians from the Nevis Ensemble to develop musical conducting skills. Participants will choose from a selection of familiar pieces of music, arranged for string quartet, and be guided by Holly as they learn to lead the musicians. The focus is on coming to know our physical selves a little better and recognising that our bodies can be a source of empowerment and authority. 

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Our Collaborators

This project was a collaboration with the Nevis Ensemble. Workshops will be led by conductor Holly Mathieson. You can find out more about her work here. 

The Nevis Ensemble is dedicated to removing barriers to accessing orchestral music, with the vision that ‘music is for everyone, everywhere.’ They combine pop-up performances with participatory music workshops for a variety of different participants. You can read more about their work here.

Thank You

Thank you to the Glasgow Life

Arts Development Scheme

for funding this project.

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