About Us

The Survivor Arts Community is a non-profit organisation based in Glasgow that supports the artistic practices of survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse. We are founded on the belief that not only is art healing for survivors, but survivors’ art is a vital contribution to the art community. The Survivor Arts Community runs free creative projects and one-off workshops for survivors, creating a community of survivors while engaging the local public.


We aim to:

  • Support survivors’ artistic practices

  • Create community among survivors while engaging the local community

  • Promote art as activism by platforming survivors' art to the public

  • Challenge public misconceptions regarding survivors and abuse

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If this sounds like something you can support, please consider donating to the Survivor Arts Community. Alongside sales and small grants, donations help us to continue with our programmes


Our Team

The Survivor Arts Community is run by Eloise Birtwhistle and Angie Spoto. We always work collaboratively - both with external organisations and hiring individual artists. If you would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch!

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Privacy Policy

We've recently updated our data privacy policy to comply with the new General Data Protection Act (GDPR). You can download a copy here.

You can now request to have a copy of, to remove, or to edit your personal data we store on our database. If you wish to do so, please contact us.