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This series of six online illustration workshops, led by illustrator AK Thaysen, focused on introducing survivors to a wide range of illustrative techniques. The workshops culminated in an online exhibition where survivors' work is displayed alongside that of professional illustrators Chioma Ince and Molly Hankinson.

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You can purchase greeting cards featuring a selection of artworks created by participates in the Survivor Arts Community online shop.

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Our Collaborators ​

AK Thaysen

AK is an artist, writer, and creative from Texas, now living in the UK. Although she loves exploring different mediums, she specialises in watercolour, gouache, and ink. AK believes wholeheartedly in the amazing therapeutic possibilities of creativity, in all its forms. Freehand is the second project she has contributed to for Survivor Arts Community. She also worked with SAC on its creative writing project, Uncovered Voices. You can see more of AK's work via her website or her Instagram.

Chioma Ince

Chioma Ince is an Illustrator interested in exploring themes of politics, identity and most importantly creating and bringing to life vibrant narratives. Using collage as a main medium of communication her dynamic and playful use of pattern and texture compliment the bold and colourful work she creates. You can see more of Chioma's work via her website or her Instagram.

Molly Hankinson

Molly Hankinson is a visual artist and illustrator from South East London, now living and working in Glasgow. She enjoys looking at the honest and unapologetic representation of people who experience misogyny, with an unparalleled and celebratory reclamation and ownership of space evident in her work. You can see more of Molly's work via her website or her Instagram.

Thank You!

Thank you to Glasgow Life for funding this project!

Freehand was shortlisted for the Creative Lives Awards 2021 - thank you to everyone who voted!

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