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Petticoats and Pinnacles

In this mixed-medium arts project, participants responded to the National Library of Scotland's exhibition Petticoats and Pinnacles: Scotland's pioneering mountain women. After exploring the exhibition through creative writing, visual arts, and sound and moving image, participants created their own mini-animations. You can explore participants' creative responses to the exhibition here.

Crossing The Mar De Glace I.jpg
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Our Collaborators

This project was a collaboration with the National Library of Scotland and workshops are being led by Eloise Birtwhistle, Juliana Capes, Katharine Aarrestad and Ros Fraser. You can find out more about Juliana and Katharine's artwork and community practices here and here.

The Petticoats and Pinnacles exhibition reveals how women have overcome physical and social barriers to spend time in the mountains — not only as climbers but as writers, artists and leaders. You can view the exhibition's online content here.

               Thank you to the

               National Library of Scotland

               for generously funding this project.

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